Westfield Youth Assistance Program (WYAP) was formed in 2009 to serve as an early intervention advocate for youth ages 3-17 who are facing challenging life circumstances. We take a holistic approach to coordinate our community's vast array of talents, services and resources to help youth and empower parents and caregivers.

WYAP provides professional family-centered coordination of services to students and families of the Westfield Washington School District. Youth and families are often referred to our program by the schools, police, court officials, other agencies and parents with concerns about their child. WYAP services are completely confidential. 

  Our Services

  • Services are available to young people and their families, ages 3 to 17, who reside within the Westfield Washington School District. Services are voluntary, confidential and are provided at no cost to the family.

  • Family education programming offers caregivers access to a variety of no cost programs provided by or in collaboration with community professionals which facilitate family growth and development, including workshops, guest speakers and parenting classes.

  • Mentoring program is provided by trusted local WYAP volunteers and are selected based on the unique needs of each child and the personal challenges they are facing.   We work with the parents/caregiver to select the mentor that will provide the most benefit to the child in providing companionship and adult role modeling. 

  • Food, clothing, & financial assistance is offered through a coordination with our Township Trustee offices, church and community organizations, and local/state community agencies.

  • General counseling, anger management, and other mental health resources are provided for students through local partnerships with counselors, licensed mental health practitioners, physicians and other community-based resources.

  • Camps & recreational opportunities are available to students working with the Westfield Youth Assistance Program who can benefit from a positive recreational experience. WYAP works with families and community organizations to provide scholarships when needed.

  • Educational tutoring resources are facilitated through the Westfield Washington Schools Wednesday Night Tutoring program at Westfield High School Media Center. Youth who qualify may also receive individual tutoring through WYAP volunteers.  



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