Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program

The Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program was developed in the fall of 2009, as a pilot program in Westfield, Indiana. With such positive response from community stakeholders, Youth Assistance expanded to Noblesville in 2012 and Fishers in 2014. Hamilton Heights was quick to follow Fishers in 2014, with Carmel and Sheridan opening offices in 2015. The Early Intervention Advocates in each community work under the appointment of Judge Paul Felix, Hamilton County Circuit Court and Judge Michael Casati, Hamilton County Superior Court 1.

The Program was modeled after the successful Oakland County, Michigan Youth Assistance Program, which began in 1953.  In a desire to be proactive in assisting the healthy development of Hamilton County youth and their families, local leaders investigated the Oakland County model and sought to adapt it to address the needs of local youth by coordinating the unharnessed capacity of numerous local individuals, service providers and organizations.


We are a private/public partnership involving our Board Members, Hamilton County, and the cities of Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers, and Carmel, as well as the Hamilton Heights and Sheridan communities.  Additionally, we enjoy a close partnership with the school corporations of  Westfield-Washington, Noblesville, Hamilton Southeastern, Carmel Clay, Sheridan and Hamilton Heights.  The Central Indiana Community Foundation Legacy Fund was instrumental in the development and expansion of the Youth Assistance Program. Our mission would not be possible without the true collaborative efforts of all of our stakeholders.


  • Referral to services for mental health counseling, medication management and parenting support classes for youth and families

  • Coordination with mentoring programs

  • Family/youth case management

  • Food, clothing and financial assistance

  • Camp and recreation opportunities

  • Tutoring assistance

  • Attendance and truancy support


Tricia Akers - Director of Hamilton County Youth Assistance
Christine D. Brown - Westfield Early Intervention Advocate
Megan Contreras - Westfield Early Intervention Advocate
Ashlan Cavender - Noblesville Early Intervention Advocate
Brandy Egan - Noblesville Early Intervention Advocate
Dee Chandler - Fishers Early Intervention Advocate
Trisha Straus - Fishers Early Intervention Advocate
Mary Ann Haymaker - Hamilton Heights Early Intervention Advocate
Lisa Samuels - Sheridan Early Intervention Advocate
Maggie Figge - Carmel Early Intervention Advocate
Melissa Yarger - Carmel Early Intervention Advocate